5 Reasons To Throw A Doodle Pots Party!

Fed up of soft play, hiring a village hall or doing the same thing year after year for those special occasions? Not sure where to bring the office this Christmas? Want to mark an event or date with something that everyone will enjoy and remember (without a sore head too!) Then here are 5 reasons to throw a party with a difference at Doodle Pots!

1. A Doodle Pots Birthday Party

Did someone say Birthday? A perfect reason to throw a Doodle Pots Party! Suitable for all ages make the fantastic Holt Doodle Pots Studio your unique party venue. Anyone can get involved in this family friendly group activity, and best of all the Doodle Pots staff can cater to children and adults alike, so everyone can get stuck in with some pottery painting!

Children will love getting creative, and will rush home to tell their parents that they want a Doodle Pots party for their birthday! They will each get to create and take home their creation as a memento of the day. Fingerprint frames to mark everyone who came are also available.

Bring the cake, nibbles and come and celebrate here with us!

Party Pottery

2. A Doodle Pots Hen Party

After the shots have been downed, the ‘entertainment’ has been and the headache from the night before has ebbed away, bring the bride to be for a different kind of celebration. This bridal party activity is completely relaxed, so the bride and her closest party can have giggle and create something to remember the time before she took the plunge and became ‘Mrs’. Bringing the hens together is certainly a great reason to throw a Doodle Pots Party.

Why not pick a teapot, cake stand, frame or money bank and everyone can leave their print and well-wishes for the bride and groom before the big day.

Caroline's Hen

3. A Doodle Pots Baby Celebration Party

There is nothing worth celebrating more than a new arrival, which is one of the best reasons to throw a Doodle Pots party. So why not gather up the new Mum, Dad and family and come to mark the baby’s arrival with some hand and foot print painting as well as making a little keepsake too.

It is the perfect way to celebrate a christening as well, with each guest creating something for the baby to keep forever.

Children's Money Box

4. The Doodle Pots Office Party

Why not forget the annual Christmas meal and opt for something that will bring the office closer together? It is a great reason to throw a Doodle Pots party! Make some new office traditions and each team member can create something for their chosen ‘Secret Santa’ or pit the departments against one another with a competition for the best creation! Perfect for welcoming new team members, celebrating a promotion or just as a thank you for the hard work they have put in over the year and there will be no shortage of pen pots come Monday Morning! Contact the Doodle Pots Team to book your office party and they do cater to evenings and weekends!


5. The Doodle Pots Graduation/ Off to Uni Party

What better reason for getting the family together than celebrating one of your own graduating or going off to University! Why not make them something that will come in handy, and when they look at it will remember how loved they are?! Quality family time before a big change is one of the best reasons to throw a Doodle Pots Party (well we think so anyway!) A bowl for those nutritious student meals, money box (to save up for those all important nights out) or a photo frame the whole family paints a message on are all leaving gifts that will be treasure long after university has ended.

Pretty Mug

You will enjoy a Doodle Pots Party so much you will throw a party for any reason at Doodle Pots!

Get yours booked here now!