5 Reasons To Come and Cool Down At Doodle Pots

Okay, hands up if you are beginning to slightly struggle now in the heatwave? With it forecast to carry on for a while longer we are beginning to think the impulse buy of a Dyson Fan may actually be justified.

If you are pregnant or have little ones, not only do you have to cope with being hot yourself, but also making sure they are comfortable and safe.

So, forget a day out in Morrison’s freezer aisle again, we have 5 reasons for you to come and cool down at Doodle Pots, Holt.

Extended Opening Hours

The first reason to come and cool down at Doodle Pots is we are open for longer hours during the summer holidays! We know how hard it is to keep everyone amused for the long weeks, so come down and keep everyone cool with a great craft activity. We are open Monday- Saturday 10am -5pm during the school holidays.

It’s Inside

You can all breathe a sigh of relief, as Doodle Pots is based… wait for it…. INSIDE! Yes, out of the sun! So, come down anytime throughout the day to cool down at Doodle Pots. Take a break of applying hourly sun cream and wrangling the sun hats back on for the 100th time and just enjoy being out of the sun for a couple of hours with family and friends!

Drinks Galore

We have lots of cold drinks (and hot should you require it!) for you to enjoy while you are at Doodle Pots. Is there anything better than a nice cold drink while you are crafting in the cool studio? No, we don’t think so either, which is why it is one of the reasons to come and cool down at Doodle Pots.

Keeping Everyone Busy

Your hot, the kids are bothered and it is a recipe for impending tantrums from all parties. It can be hard to find something to do that is suitable for all members of the family. The heat is zapping all of your energy so let us help! We have an array of things you can do with your children of all ages. From painting plates, money boxes, capturing baby hand and foot prints or even painting a picture frame. Everyone will be able to find something to keep them busy when they come down to cool down at Doodle Pots.

Adult Nights

After a few weeks we know that the summer holidays will really begin to take their toll on you, and the heat is not helping. So treat yourself with a night out and come and cool down at Doodle Pots with some of your friends for one of our Adult Only Nights. Let us help guide you in making some truly beautiful and did we mention their was cake?! It is also a perfect activity for treating your over heated office staff as well!

Please contact us for further information or to book onto one of our Adult Nights!